Clinical studies
For solutions with the maximum comfort

Along the years IBICI has always been paying attention to the wellbeing of the proper consumers and therefore IBICI has carried out several scientific clinical tests on the SEGRETA® brand products, aiming to verify their therapeutic efficacy.

Each test has been carried out by famous scientific angiologist team in vivo on a very wide consumer panel.

The test results are kept in our laboratory and are downloadable on this website for an easy consultancy by any customer.

Clinical tests:
  1. Analysis of the support effectiveness of IBICI SEGRETA stockings and pantyhose tested on a specimen of 2.500 women
  2. Analysis of the use of routine support hosiery in the thrombus embolic prophylaxis
  3. Structural and functional importance of the heel for elastic compression hosiery
  4. Prophylaxis of varices in the lower limbs during pregnancy

In addition to the clinical studies made on SEGRETA®, IBICI brings ahead a constant activity of research to develop solutions for always better and performing hosiery.

To guarantee its products with a high level of innovation, the most updated technologies are used and the latest generation yarns applied. A particular attention is paid to the quality control process of every product, monitored in every production phase.

The attention to the consumer's wellbeing is highlighted by choosing the certified production processes, where the harmful elements for health, both in terms of used substances and in applied methodologies.